Siyum Plaque

Siyum Plaque


Your loved one is celebrating a major achievement – the completion of a masechta (tractate) or maybe the entire Shas (Talmud) – after months or years of effort. You want to show how proud you are of his dedication, and with this Siyum Print, this milestone will be remembered forever. This print features parts of the Hebrew text recited at a siyum surrounded by a gorgeous golden filigree background. Personalization options include adding the recipient’s name, the giver’s name, the date of the siyum, and/or the name of the mesechta completed. With this unique gift, your loved one is sure to be inspired to renew his love for learning. 


  • Square-shaped print with Hebrew text and golden filigree background
  • Ready to hang in a matching gold frame (floating or regular)
  • Personalization recommended with recipient’s name and/or details of your choice
  • Foil option available
  • Measurements:
    • Floating frame: 36.5×36.5 cm
    • Standard frame: 32×32 cm
    • Canvas: 30×30 cm
    • Acrylic/Glass: 25.5×25.5 cm

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