Outer Space Pasuk Print

Outer Space Pasuk Print


This super cool print features an outer space theme in bright purple, black, and green hues. The recipient’s name appears in the middle of the print surrounded by the featured pesukim – and let’s not forget the red-looking planet Saturn at the top! Your budding astronaut is sure to be proud to have his name featured on this awesome-looking print.  


  • Square shaped print with Hebrew name and accompanying pasuk
  • Space-themed background in black, purple and green with red planet graphic
  • Canvas, framed, or acrylic 
  • Measurements:
    • Floating frame: 36.5×36.5 cm
    • Standard frame: 32×32 cm
    • Canvas: 30×30 cm
    • Acrylic/Glass: 25.5×25.5 cm

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