Birkat Hamazon- Marble And Gold

Birkat Hamazon- Marble And Gold


If you love a more traditional look, then this print is for you. With the bentching surrounded by a marble gray background, this print is both classy and elegant. Featuring the Hebrew bentching in a clear gold and black font, this print will continue to aid and inspire your bentching for years to come. 


  • Acrylic case enclosing Hebrew text of Birkat Hamazon (nusach of your choice)
  • Al Hamichya and Asher Yatzar options available   
  • Grey marble background with black and gold text
  • Measurements: 
    • Acrylic: 60×40 cm 16×24 inches
    • Acrylic XL: 24×36 Inches
    • Canvas: 24×36 inches
    • Custom sizing available


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