Asher Yatzar – Marble And Gold 40cm

Asher Yatzar – Marble And Gold 40cm

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Jews traditionally recite a blessing after using the restroom, thanking G-d for the wonders of the bodies He created for us. Hanging this unique Asher Yatzar plaque on your wall will help you remember to recite this blessing and bring meaning and spirituality to your hallway or room. With its simple, classy design and neutral colors, it will be sure to match any decor, enhancing your home’s beauty. Purchase for a friend or loved one for any occasion when you want to provide a gift they are sure to appreciate.


  • Round-shaped plaque with Hebrew blessing of Asher Yatzar
  • Acrylic
  • Classic gold and black text with marble background
  • Two gold standoffs ready for hanging
  • Birkat Hamazon and Al Hamichya options are available   
  • Measurements: 
    • Large: 40 cm diameter
    • Custom sizing available.
    • Available in Acrylic
    • Available in glass in Israel only.

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