Can you please explain the terms canvas, acrylic, floating frame, etc?

Dolev Print products come in a variety of mediums. Depending on the product, you have the option to choose which medium you like best or the medium that meets your budgeting needs.

Canvas: A canvas is a closely woven material commonly used by artists for painting and is very popular for digital art prints. Your product will be printed directly on high quality canvas and mounted on a wooden frame. The edges of the print are wrapped around the frame for a neat and pretty look. Canvases can work in any room and many people like it’s clean, clear style. Ready to hang. 

Acrylic: Acrylic, very similar to lucite and sometimes called “safety glass” provides a shiny glass-like look but is actually much lighter and stronger than real glass. Your product will be printed directly on the acrylic surface, giving it an elegant and beautiful look with no framing necessary. The print is completed with silver standoff screws ready to be hung. Drilling necessary. 

Framed: Your product will come with white matting and be completed with a quality frame that compliments your print. Ready to hang. 

Floating frame: With a glass border separating the print from the frame, this product gives the appearance of the print “floating.” An additional layer of matting between the glass and the frame makes a stunning, eye-catching effect. This type of framing is used for especially elegant products, and they look gorgeous in a living room, office, or anywhere you want to add some class! Framed in a matching gold frame, this type of artwork is ready to hang. 

Foil (with floating frame option): Foil is a special quality coating that adds depth and exquisite shine to text and graphics. It adds a “wow” element to any print, giving it a dimension of life. Our products printed with foil are truly magnificent works of art.

Are the products ready to be hung? Will I need to hire a professional to hang them?

Yes, all products are ready to be hung on the wall. The acrylic products require drilling into the wall, but does not necessarily need to be done by a professional (prior drilling experience recommended).

Can I order a product in a different color or in different measurements than is listed?

Yes, we love to make our customers happy and try to accommodate whenever possible! Please leave a custom request and we will be in touch regarding feasibility and the additional price.

Regarding the Pasuk Prints, what do you mean by “your pasuk”? And where can I find mine?

There is a Jewish tradition that every Hebrew name has a pasuk (verse) to accompany it, and most siddurim (prayer books) have a list of pesukim in the back. You can find your pasuk by finding the verse that starts and ends with the same letters as your hebrew name. If you have two names, you’ll have two verses. Feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to find your pasuk for you.

Can products be shipped anywhere? Is it more expensive to ship to one location over another?

We are proud to offer worldwide shipping for our customers!

The shipping costs depend on the area it is being delivered to, but usually costs somewhere between $10 – $15 per product. We do not make money off of the shipping costs, and we try to keep the costs as low as possible.

Why are there different price points depending on currency?

All Dolev Print products are designed in Israel, but some products are printed closer to the delivery location. The additional pricing reflects the costs of printing in those locations.

How long does it take for a product to arrive after I order?

This really depends where the product is being shipped to, but it can take anywhere between three and six weeks. If you are located in Israel, we have quicker pick-up options in Jerusalem or Ramat Beit Shemesh. If you know you have a special occasion coming up and you’d like to order a gift for the event, we recommend placing your order early.

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